Processing lines for cured hams

Arrival belt
Telescopic belt coordinated with the internal lines. Able to enter trucks and facilitate the unloadi...
traveller belt
rotating selection belt
VEMAC produces lines for processing fresh hams with the product on the move.
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automatic loading salted hams
Vemac has developed and patented robots for loading and unloading hams on racks or frames.
salting in Spanish style containers
Thanks to the experience built up and the trust of our Spanish partners, Vemac has designed and impl...
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loading for curing
This automation with column robots allows the hams to be loaded directly onto frames and racks direc...
macchina automatica di scarico prosciutti stagionati
unloading cured meats
This automation makes it possible to unload cured hams from the racks a feed a conveyor in a fully a...